Welcome home…

I know what it feels like to get “that” call.

I also know what it looks like when someone delivers “the” news.

My dear friends. My sweet cousin. My precious classmates.

One is too many.

I do not bear this burden alone. Our community bears it with me.

The guilt. The blame. The shame. The pain. The loss. The aching misery of their absence.

You are missed.

And we are determined to use this loss to reduce the risk of it happening to anyone else.

And yes I have heard, “You can’t make a difference.”

I don’t listen to them.

I listen to the 160 plus names in my address book that say “thank you”.

“Keep going.”

“I am proud of you.”

Thank you so very much everyone.

I am about to meet sweet Katie from the Alabama Suicide Prevention and Resource Coalition at our Woodstock Community Library.

I have no doubt that Katie and our precious librarian Michele are going to be a wonderful team.

Michele said it last night to Katie when the ASPARC board voted unanimously to locate our local office in the Woodstock Community Library.

“Welcome home.”

John’s hometown has become the home of suicide prevention.

I am so very proud.

For me. For us. And for one little spunky spit-fire of a librarian, Mrs. Mary Grace.

And when that ribbon is cut on September 29th, Mrs. Mary Grace McLemore, it is for you.

For you and everyone else that has dealt with this unimaginable loss.

You are not alone. You are loved.

We are here.

Right here at home.

If you are experiencing a suicidal crisis, please call the Crisis Center.


You have an invisible army supporting you my friend.

Let’s talk. Let’s hug. Let’s get through this together.

From my town with love,


2 thoughts on “Welcome home…

  1. You are so special Cheryl. I have a feeling that John would not be surprised to see what his friend has been able to do, not only for Woodstock, but for people all over the world.


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